Enjoy more than 60 kinds of delicious dishes (we offer the most variety of dishes in Kochi).

We proudly offer you 60+ kinds of delicious breakfast dishes at Joseikan. Not only is this the greatest variety in the Kochi area, the menu changes each day, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast even if you stay with us for multiple nights.

Breakfast buffet hours  
7:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Local production for local consumption
Fresh ingredients from Kochi means sustainable and tasty dishes!

We welcome "breakfast only" guests too!!

We have recently received requests from guests to allow anyone to enjoy our breakfast. Now our delicious breakfast buffet is available even if you are not staying in our hotel. We are happy to accept reservations too.

Adult 1,800 yen ( tax excluded ) Children ( Under 12 years old ) 800 yen ( tax excluded )

Dish list

Western dishes

  • Yogurt
  • Mitsumame
  • Home-made potato salad
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Cold pasta with grape tomatoes
  • Plain omelet
  • Ham omelet
  • Cheese omelet
  • Sunny-side up egg
  • Scrambled egg
  • Bacon
  • Coarse-ground sausage
  • German-style potato
  • Bouillon
  • Potage soup
  • Plain cereal
  • Chocolate cereal
  • Small croissant
  • Butter buns
  • Sliced loaf of bread
  • Boushi pan (Hat-shaped sweet buns)
  • "Tosa chive and tuna salad", "Curry flavored dried sardin with green laver", "Simmered Tosa squash", "Squash, matchan pumpkin (Korean pumpkin), Kinzanji miso", "Shimanto green laver konnyaku with vinegared miso", "Oboro tofu (half-curdled tofu)" are limited time offers. We may not be able to serve these dishes until the harvest season ends.
  • The menu is subject to the purchase of the day. We also change our menu daily.

1 . Chefs cook in the open kitchen. Enjoy the warm meals!

We serve freshly cooked dishes in the open kitchen.

A celebrity once praised our Dashimaki tamago, saying that he had tried breakfast in various hotels, but we served the BEST one of all. Please try our soft and warm Dashimaki tamago served in the open kitchen.

We also have an omelet chef, and he makes really thick and fluffy omelets♪

2 . Local production for local consumption:
Local food brings you sustainable and tasty dishes!

At Joseikan, the ingredients we use for breakfast are mostly produced in Kochi. Here are some of the various items we make♪

Seasoned small dried fish from Mr. Matsuki

Mr. Matsuki I'm Matsuki and I make this!
Hi, my name is Matsuki. I'm from Tochi, Nangoku-shi, Kochi. I only use the fresh catch of the day to boil and make this product. Freshly caught is the best! That's how I make this delicious Chirimenjako!

Fluffy and moist Dashimaki tamago

Professional quality! Fresh and soft♪Fluffy and moist Dashimaki tamago with secret dashi (Japanese soup stock).

Kochi Specialty: Kochi Original: Kochi Limited
Slightly sweet and crispy texture, Boushi-pan (Hat-shaped sweet buns)

The sweet and crispy surface hides the fluffy white bread inside! Boushi-pan was born in Kochi, and you can get authentic ones only in Kochi. Boushi-pan was first made around 1955 (Showa 30).

Featured in a TV program! Boushi-pan was introduced as a representative food of Kochi! In a bread factory in Kochi, a baker was preparing Melon-pan (Melon-patterned sweet buns). To make this Melon-pan, it is necessary to add biscuit dough before fermentation to finish the bread with a crispy texture. This baker, however, forget to pour the dough into one of the buns, He noticed his mistake after the fermentation, and then he rushed to pour the dough over the bun and bake it. This bun turned into a hat-shaped, delicious bread. He figured that it was not a totally bad idea. He repeated his experiments and changed the biscuit dough to castella cake dough. He named this bun "Castella-pan" and it was the start of the Boushi-pan we have today.
His customers called the buns "Boushi-pan", and that name has continued until now. Boushi-pan is cherished by the local people in Kochi!

Pick your favorite local food
Make your original Donburi with local produce!

Joseikan's potato tempura

Available only here!! Kochi Specialty Cooked by the chefs at Joseikan, out potato tempura is a big seller even on the street.

Popular at food stands too! Customers line up every day! Many of them come just to buy our tempura!

Cold spaghetti with local grape tomatoes

Cold spaghetti with local grape tomatoes. Try with the gazpacho sauce.

Joseikan original Traditional stewed bonito

Bonito is simmered for a long time in our traditional secret sauce. It matches perfectly with white rice.

Available at the shop on the 1st floor.

3 . Various dishes for children!!
Put your favorites on your plate♪

We have prepared a wide range of dishes for young children.

4 . A Japanese dish or A Western dish?
Why don't you have both!?

We are excited to offer you the best quality Japanese/Western breakfast buffet. The menu changes each day, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast even if you stay with us for multiple nights.

A variety of dishes are available♪

We have prepared the highest quality of various dishes for you. There is a variety of up to 60 kinds of items, each carefully and traditionally cooked at Joseikan. Fully enjoy what Kochi has to offer as an outstanding selection of food!

Salad & Fruit

Local production for local consumption: fresh salad using vegetables produced in Kochi. Many kinds of fruit are also available.


Try the specialty juice created by our vetetables sommeliers♪

No more of the same dishes!

The menu changes each day, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast even if you stay with us for multiple nights.