The combination of dynamic performance and burning straw is breath-taking.

At Joseikan, you can see the cooking process of bonito tataki (seared bonito).
Starts at 5:50 p.m. every night!

All the bonito served in Joseikan are seared with straws!

The bonito Tataki we serve for the dinner and other banquet plans are seared with straws. We highly recommend this authentic, flavorful bonito that is totally different from one cooked with gas.

Joseikan is the only hotel searing all the bonito served in Kochi city! ※1 ※1 … As of May, 2020. Survey conducted by Jyoseikan

Why do we sear bonito with straws?

Straws make a difference to the flavor and it is the best way to cook fresh bonito!

Although cooking bonito with gas in the mainstream method, we chose to take a traditional way using straws to sear the bonito.

It requires time and is more costly, but the aroma of smoke from burning straws brings out the one-of-a-kind flavor and removes the fishy smell. The fresh bonito is cooked for a short period of time so that it doesn't get cooked through. The surface takes dull color and crimps; this is the sign of perfect Tosa-style seared bonito!!

Three specialties for our straw-seared bonito

  1. 1. Bonito

    Bonito of Kochi Joseikan uses 16 tons of bonito a year, which makes us one of the top hotels regarding bonito purchasing. We take advantage of this large quantity, and have established a effective purchasing route that allows us to stably ensure the stocks of bonito with a superior quality. We also possess a certificate as a middle trader, and we directly negotiate with the Kochi central wholesale market.

  2. 2. Salt

    Kochi specialty Bonito salt snuffling Tosa no Shiomaru We use "solar salt" produced in Tosasaga, Kochi. It goes really well with Bonito Tataki.

  3. 3. Straw

    Straws are also locally produced. Straws are also locally produced.

Various bonito dishes

We offer not only Tataki but also other original bonito dishes. We devote our effort to creating fine meals, and are proud to serve you the top quality food in Kochi.

Dress the bonito

You may know Tataki served with citrus sauce as a popular way to eat bonito. However, there are a lot more ways to enjoy them in Kochi. We have plenty of delicious dishes using fresh bonito to introduce to our guests from outside of Kochi.

Katsuo (Bonito) sugata zukuri
  • Shio (salt) Tataki

    Coarse salt matches bonito slices perfectly!

  • Mayonnaise & Soy sauce

    Enjoy fresh Tataki with Mayonnaise and soy sauce.

  • Chichiko

    The heart of the bonito. It's a very rare delicacy in Tosa.

  • Shuto (salty bonito intestine)

    The literal translation is "stealing sake", meaning that this dish is so delicious and you will want to steal sake to go with it.

  • Tosa-maki

    Sushi roll with bonito, garlic and shiso.

  • Harambo

    A part of bonito's stomach. One bonito provides only one slice so it is rare!

  • Joseikan Original
    Bonito Onigiri

    A rice ball wrapped with a slice of bonito seasoned with miso.

  • Joseikan Original
    Bonito with Tosa tomato sauce

    Bonito with Tosa tomato sauce

  • Deepfried bonito Ryoma

    Word-play goes that "Katsuo" means a "bonito" and a "winner". As Ryoma was a winner who brought honor to Kochi, we named this deep-fried bonito Ryoma.

  • Joseikan Original
    Bonito croquettes with Shimanto green laver

    Bonito croquettes with Shimanto green laver