Jyoseikan is located in Kochi Kamimachi, a castletown for Kochi-jo Castle. The town is also known as the birthplace of Ryoma Sakamoto.

(Inc.) Jyoseikan

2-5-34 Kamimachi, Kochi-City, Kochi pref 780-0901

GoogleMap Phone:088-875-0111 


By Airplane

An airport bus is available from Kochi Ryoma Airport (Kochi Ekimae Kanko/Tosaden Kotsu) to Kochi Station. Please take a streetcar from Harimayabashi to Kamimachi Ichome (in front of Jyoseikan).

An airport bus is available from Kochi Ryoma Airport. If you would like to come to Jyoseikan directly, please get off the bus at Harimayabashi, switch to the streetcar and get off at Kamimachi Ichome. Jyoseikan is located with a 10-second walk from this streetcar stop.

If you arrive at Jyoseikan early, we will keep your baggage at the front desk. You can spend time sightseeing until your check-in time.

Using the airport bus and streetcar

Kochi Ryoma AirportHarimayabashi→ Switch to streetcar → Harimayabashi (Streetcar stop)Kamimachi Ichome (Streetcar stop)

Using the Kochi Ryoma Airport bus and streetcar


  • Airport bus - 720 yen (children half price)
  • Streetcar - 200 yen (fixed rate within Kochi city, children half price)

Please contact operating companies for further details.

By Car

The nearest high-speed interchange is the Kochi Expressway "Kochi IC".
In case of coming from the inbound line, please use "Ino IC".

Okayama Okayama ICKurashiki JCTHayashima ICSakaide JCTKawanoe JCTKochi IC

About 2 hours and 30 minutes Route

Takamatsu Takamatsu chuo ICKawanoe JCTKochi IC

About 2 hours Route

Tokushima Tokushima ICKawanoe higashi JCTKochi IC

About 2 hours and 10 minutes Route

Matsuyama Matsuyama ICKawanoe JCTKochi IC

About 2 hours Route

(Shimanto River)
National Route 56Shimantocho chuo ICIno IC

About 2 hours (About 2 hours and 30 minutes on the general road) Route

From Shimantocho chuo IC to Nakasato IC opened from 2012.12.9.

(Cape Ashizuri)
Prefectural road Route 27National Route 321Prefectural road Route 20National Route 56Shimantocho chuo ICIno IC

About 3 hours and 10 minutes (About 3 hours and 50 minutes on the general road) Route

(Ryugado cave)
Prefectural road Route 385Prefectural road Route 22Nangoku bypass road

About 1 hour Route

Kochi Ryoma Airport Prefectural road Route 13National Route 55Nangoku bypass road

About 40 minutes Route

katsurahama Prefectural road Route 34National Route 33

About 30 minutes Route

Kochi Station Prefectural road Route 32National Route 33

About 10 minutes Route

Kochi-jo Castle Near the Outesuji or MarunouchiNational Route 33

About 2 minutes by car (About 10 minutes walk) Route

From the nearest interchange to the Josaikan

  • Kochi ICPrefectural road Route 44National Route 33(Tram road) → Jyoseikan(About 20 minutes)
  • Ino ICNational Route 33(Tram road) → Jyoseikan(About 15 minutes)

As of March, 2014
* The route is an example. * The time required is an approximate estimation.