MARUTAKA Relaxing associate

We look forward to having you in this spa.

Relaxation Le ciel
Location Jyoseikan 8F After-bath café Shiromiyagura
Hours 4:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. ( last slot of the day )
Reservations and inquiries please dial extension 750

Relaxation courses

Foot care

The kneading of reflection zones concentrating on the back of the feet will improve blood circulation. It also encourages the body to recover from fatigue. This treatment is recommended for people who suffer from leg fatigue, swelling and sensitivity to cold.

20minutes … 2,600yen(tax excluded)
30minutes … 3,600yen(tax excluded)
40minutes … 4,600yen(tax excluded)

Body care

Indulge yourself with the perfect massage from head to toe. It balances your mind and body. It feels so good that you may even fall asleep,,, Relax and release all your stress.

40minutes … 4,700yen(tax excluded)
50minutes … 5,700yen(tax excluded)
60minutes … 6,700yen(tax excluded)

Set menu

A well-priced menu of services is also available.

A   20minutes foot care +40minutes body care … 6,900yen(tax excluded)
B   20minutes foot care +60minutes body care … 8,900yen(tax excluded)

Hand care

Massaging reflection zones in your palms will improve blood circulation, which will lead to the release of fatigue and stress. This treatment is recommended if you feel your arms, shoulders or eyes are tired.

25minutes … 2,600yen(tax excluded)
30minutes … 3,100yen(tax excluded)

Head spa

Give your head a massage and ease your stiff shoulder. You can also expect your face line to slim up!

20minutes … 3,200yen(tax excluded)
  • As we have only a certain number of staff, early reservation is appreciated.
  • All the treatments can be extended (additional 1000 yen per 10 minutes extension).
  • Our courses are not medical procedures.