Kochi has a lot of sites which will enhance your trip even more- the combination of the vast wilderness and ocean, mountains that show their beauty in each season, the romantic and historical townscape, people's daily lives, and lands related to imperial loyalists in late Edo period.
Explore the nostalgia of Kochi, the southern part of Japan, along with exquisite dishes.

We introduce to you some of the features that Kochi has to offer. Please feel free to ask us any questions about local destinations. We are well prepared to introduce you to even more attractions.

Kochi central area map
Kochi-jo Castle
LKochi-jo Castle

5 minute drive

Ryoma's Birthplace Memorial Museum
NRyoma's Birthplace Memorial Museum

2 minute walk


5 minute drive

Harimayabashi Bridge
IHarimayabashi Bridge

25 minute walk

Anpanman Museum
AAnpanman Museum

1 hour drive

Niyodogawa River
PNiyodogawa River

30 minute drive

Shimantogawa River
RShimantogawa River

2.5 hour drive

Ashizuri-misaki Cape
SAshizuri-misaki Cape

3.5 hour drive

Whale watching
TWhale watching

(Usa, Available from April to September)

UWhale watching

(Urado, available from May to September)

Ryugado Cave
BRyugado Cave

1 hour drive

Noichi Zoo
CNoichi Zoo

50 minute drive

Katsurahama, The Sakamoto Ryoma Monument, The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum
HKatsurahama, The Sakamoto Ryoma Monument, The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum

30 minute drive

Road Ryoma took when he left the clan
QRoad Ryoma took when he left the clan

2 hour drive

Godaisan Mountain, Makikno Botanical Garden
GGodaisan Mountain, Makikno Botanical Garden

20 minute drive

DRyoma History Museum

50 minute drive

EKochi Prefectural Museum of History

30 minute drive

FThe Museum of Art, Kochi

15 minute drive

JKochi Liberty and People's Museum

15 minute drive

OPaper Museum

30 minute drive

The time indicated is approximte estimation from Joseikan.